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Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

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Gone are the days when the kitchen was a confined space and was meant only for cooking. In recent times, the cooking place has become more of an extension of the home’s luxurious layout where we make meals and chit-chats. For this reason, the undermount kitchen sink is one kitchen unit that a modern house shouldn’t lack.
The best undermount kitchen sinks bring somewhat of beauty and complete functionality to the modern-day kitchen. It doesn’t stop and facilitates the multiple-use function required in the recent kitchen design that accommodates get-together and gossip.
Being an integral member of the kitchen aesthetics unit, one must be mindful when choosing an undermount sink. Once installed, there is only little you can do to make a change. Hence, it is a very challenging task.
However, that won’t be much of a problem as this well-researched guide will help you select the best undermount kitchen sinks. We also bring to you some of the best options from the Chica dragon factory.

What is an Undermount Kitchen Sink?

Do you know an undermount Kitchen sink if you see one? Here’s a brief description of one of the most sought-after sinks in the kitchen industry.

Undermount kitchen sink sits under the countertop. The edge of the sink is below the countertop’s level, and the pre-cut hole of the countertop is not needed.

Even so, there is no rim between the sink and the countertop. Undermount sinks are also known as best for the cleaning of the countertop. They are available in various materials like stainless steel, granite composite, cast iron, etc. we’ll talk more about these material properties in this write-up.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks Benefits

Undermount kitchen sinks come up with tons of benefits. Even these benefits will amaze you. We will discuss some of the main advantages of the undercount kitchen sinks here. Explore this section to know more details.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance Ease

After bringing the Undermount Basin to your home, you will never find your kitchen dirty or messy. Now you can give a quick wash to your dishes and counter because no lid becomes a hurdle for the sink.

You can swipe dirt off the counter into the sink. In simple words, your counter will remain clean and dirt-free. Undermount Sinks are available in both single and double basins. Hence, you can install any one of them depending upon your need.

2. Improved Kitchen Aesthetics

You can enhance the look of your kitchen by installing Undermount Kitchen Sink. As we mentioned before, there are many Undermount Sinks designs available. So, they provide a streamlined, sophisticated, and attractive look to your kitchen.

Well, they are a bit expensive when compared to other kitchen sinks. Yet, a one-time investment in this product will keep you safe from many problems. It may also provide a better look to your cooking area.

3. Flexibility

Be it a luxurious or compact kitchen, Undermount Basin Sinks suit your cooking place at all times. You can manufacture Undermount Kitchen sinks with various materials.
The most popular of the materials is Composite Sinks. Some of the best materials in which Undermount Basin Sinks come are:

  • Stain steel.
  • Glass.
  • Copper.
  • Granite Composite

As you attach them to the countertop’s bottom, the countertop seems more visible without a sink rim. Besides, it also provides more counter space.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Undermount Sink

It is always important to research well before settling for any choice, and an undermount sink choice is no different. Always ensure your sink fits your kitchen both in aesthetics and functionality.

Other than the beauty of the kitchen, a wrong sink can also affect your comfort level.
Here are some of the essential factors you should check out when buying an undermount kitchen sink.


Stainless Steel

Most undermount kitchen sinks go for stainless steel material as it’s one of the best undermount sink materials available. Also, the stainless steel dashboard is very budget-friendly and is easy to clean or maintain. With a stainless steel undermount sink, you can remove scratches by buffing and elongate its durability. The 16-gauge stainless steel sink is the most used in the undermount category.


The copper undermount kitchen sink gives the kitchen a touch of class and beauty. It’s the best undermount kitchen sink for a kitchen that will have a lot of guests. Moreover, they come with a heavier gauge and design that makes them more durable than others. It’s easy to wash and keep clean as well as has anti-bacterial qualities.

Granite Composite

Granite undermount kitchen sinks are a bit expensive, although they have superior qualities to most sinks. More so, they are relatively more resistant to chips and scratches than metal sinks. Granite sinks come in a wide variety of colors and are more likely to match any kitchen design. Furthermore, they are not just attractive but are also functional and easy to maintain.


One of the most durable undermount kitchen sinks is the fireclay sink. Since they have a high resistance glaze coat, they are scratch-proof. Moreover, with fireclay undermount sinks, there’s no worry about fading, rusting, or color and sheen loss. They remain shiny and clean for a long time.

Resistance to Heat

When going for undermount kitchen sinks, you consider their level of heat resistance. Sinks are always in contact with hot items, and their durability would depend highly on how resistant they are to heat and high temperature.
Various materials have different heat resistance levels. For instance, porcelain and cast iron undermount sinks can resist up to 1000oC. However, granite, which has a blend of acrylic and resin, can have at least 537oF resistance.

Kitchen Space

Always make sure that the size of the kitchen sink you choose matches your available kitchen space. A large undermount sink would be dysfunctional in a small spaced kitchen. Likewise, a small sink would be inadequate for an ample cooking space. Hence, endeavor to match the sink size to space.


It is a common question whether a single bowl sink is better or a double bowl sink? Well, it depends upon your budget and needs. If you have a big family, the dishes might be much for only one sink. To perform this task without creating a mess in a kitchen, you should have a double bowl sink. A single bowl sink is an ideal option for small families or people having a slim budget.

Size of Drain

It’s necessary to consider the drain size of any undermount kitchen sink to ensure it’s the same as the waste outlet. This factor is vital because when the drain pipe fits nicely into the waste outlet, there will be no leakages. Also, ensure that the drain’s size is large enough to clear all wastewater from the sink. The standard length of the undermount sink drain is 3.5 inches.

Top Pick for the Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

30″ Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Restore the class and beauty of your kitchen with this 30-inch single bowl undermount sink. The stainless steel material makes it resistant to rust and scratches. It also helps withstand a high quantity of heat.
Moreover, the 16-gauge material is one of the top-quality materials for undermount sinks. The quality is comparable to any of the name-brand sinks such as Blanco, Kindred, and Elkay at half the price. Chica dragon sinks’ quality and durability stand the test of time – all our stainless steel sinks are all SGS and CSA tested.


Dimension: 29 3/4″ x 18″
Inner Dimension: 27 3/4″ x 16″
Depth: 9″
Drain Opening: 3 1/2″
Thickness: Heavy Duty 16 Gauge
Beautiful soft satin brushed finish;
16 gauge heavy-duty certified 304 series 18/10 CrNi (Chromium Nickel) stainless steel;
Sound dampened with sprayed soundproof coating and an additional thick rubber soundproof pad;
Triple reinforced under panel;
All sinks are supplied with a cutout template, fasteners.
Limited Life Time Warranty.


Most people would prefer to go with undermount kitchen sinks because of their versatility, ease of use/maintenance, and beauty. However, it has to be the best category of undermount sink to tick all these boxes. This article/guide comes in handy for the ‘how’ and ‘where’ to get the best undermount sink.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

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