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Granite Composite Sinks Buying Guide

Granite Composite Sinks

Table of Contents

Granite composite sinks have been popular throughout Europe and the US for more than 30 years. They were first created and sold in Germany in the 1970s. The most well-known brands that make this kind of sink are Schock and Blanco in Germany and Franke in Switzerland. A well-known maker in Italy is Elleci, and in India, the best manufacturer is Carysil.

These are durable and beautiful sinks that can be customized in many ways when ordered from the right manufacturer. For those who are building high-end homes or working on projects for buildings like hotels, these might be the best choice for the sinks in kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

If you want to learn some more about the process by which these sinks are made and how to avoid buying inferior products, you need to read on!

How Are Granite Composite Sinks Made?

The process of making these sinks is a bit complex. They are composed of two main materials that are blended together in a mold. The raw materials that go into each sink are acrylic resin (20-35%) and quartz sand (65-80%). These two materials are formed inside a metal mold casting using a curing technology that heats the acrylic to a medium temperature.

The acrylic resin and the high hardness of the quartz sand combine to make a tough, durable, and sleek material. These sinks are able to resist stains, they are simple to clean, and they do not breed bacteria. They are also resistant to alkali and acid, and they can withstand exposure to sharp objects.

What is the Difference Between an Acrylic Sink and a Granite Composite Sink?

There are some key differences between these two kinds of sinks, and you should not assume that they will perform in the same way for your needs. Many people confuse them with one another, but they are made with different processes and offer different benefits.

acrylic sink
Acrylic Sink
Single 9-1/2 Bowl Depth Dual-mount Granite Sink
Granite Composite Sink

  • Granite composite sinks are sometimes called quartz composite sinks. If acrylic is mentioned in the name of the sink, you should be aware that this is actually an acrylic sink and not a granite sink.
  • Acrylic sinks are made of most of the acrylic materials that are poured into a cast mold. This is a lightweight sink that can be made in many colors, and that offers a shiny finish in most cases. This is not as durable a material as granite composite in any way.
  • Granite composite sinks are often a bit more expensive than acrylic sinks, but that is because they are more durable and better made. You will get a longer lifespan from your granite composite sink in almost every situation.
  • Granite composite sinks are not as porous as acrylic sinks, which means that they are not likely to stain, and they are much less likely to get pits and divots. This can be a really nice feature for use in a kitchen. Acrylic sinks are not usually recommended for use in kitchen spaces.

Benefits of Granite Composite Sinks

These sinks are very durable, and they come in many shapes and sizes. Because this is a manufactured material, you will be able to choose custom sizes and shapes and have them made for your needs. This is not as accessible when you are working with natural materials like granite. Natural stone cannot be shaped as readily as items that are crafted by hand.

granite kitchen sinks

The durability of these sinks is so high because they are made to be perfectly consistent. This means that you will not have to deal with breaks, cracks, or failures that might plague other sink materials. If you want the practicality of a stainless steel sink without the industrial appearance, composite granite is a really good option for your needs.

The cost of this material is also really competitive, and you will pay far less for this kind of sink than you would for natural granite. This can save a lot of money if you are planning a large job or if you want to have a custom sink made but do not want to have to pay custom prices. The early popularity of this kind of sink has not waned, and that is because these sinks perform so well and are so easy to source and install.

Granite Composite Sink Buying Tips

There are some key ways that you can be sure that you are getting the best composite granite sink for your needs. These tips will help you to sort out which manufacturers are offering the highest-quality sinks:

1.   Check the Weight of the Product

The weight of the sink is key to knowing what the density is. A higher weight sink will be more durable and will offer improved density. This makes sure that your sink will not stain, pit, or collect bacteria. This is also a big benefit when considering if the sink will scratch. Lighter-weight materials are easier to damage and can be far less durable over time.

2.    Verify Workmanship

The way that the sink has been crafted can directly impact its lifespan. Look for signs of small imperfections in the sink’s surface and check that the shape of the sink is regular and even. When there are small pits or divots on the surface of the material, this can indicate that the manufacturing process that mixed the materials was not correct. Surfaces with too many pores can be prone to damage and can also stain and grow bacteria. This kind of issue should be considered a defect in the sink.

Zoon in picture of the sink
The back of the sink

You should also check the bottom of the sink and look for the same signs of imperfections.  If there are many pores on the bottom, it means that the used particle size of quartz sand is too large so it appears many pores. the quality of this sink is poor; If it appears a large area of pores, It is likely that the manufacturer cut and save material during manufacturing, which will definitely affect the use of the sink. This is a great way to be sure that you are not getting a faulty sink and to be certain that the company can be trusted to make other orders for your jobs.

Granite Composite is an Excellent Choice

There are many reasons why you might want to pick granite composite sinks for your building job or to sell. Granite composite sinks are so durable that they can be used for many applications. You can count on these products to serve your needs with ease and they are affordable to invest in for many functions.

Sourcing these sinks is very easy, and if you know what to look for when you are buying them, you will always get great results. This is a durable and cost-effective sink option, and you will be able to buy them in bulk with ease from many quality manufacturers.


    Artemis Kuang

    Artemis Kuang

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