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How to Choose a Bar Sink

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Bar sinks often have to do tough jobs. They need to handle all kinds of tasks without getting scratched or dented and without losing their finish. A bar sink also needs to fit into a smaller space without creating too small of a workspace for you to get anything done. This can be a real challenge unless you choose the right sink.

Recognizing quality bar sinks is easy if you know more about them. The more you know before looking at sinks, the easier your purchase experience will be. Once you know your options in this sink category, you will be able to find the right one easily.

What is a Bar Sink?

A bar sink, also called a wet bar sink, can be used in locations that are made only for small kitchen tasks or drink preparation. These spaces are commonly short on counter space and do not need a sink as large as the one you have in your kitchen. Bar sinks are typically round in shape, or they might be square rather than rectangular.

A bar sink is also usually deeper than you might expect since glasses and tall items need to fit into them. This is not a sink style needed in all kinds of homes, but when there are extra food prep areas to consider, this can be the perfect sink style to select. This small utility sink can tackle the kinds of jobs you would need in a small food prep area.

bar sink

What to Consider When Buying a Bar Sink?

Mounting Style

There are various sink styles to choose from when looking into this kind of sink. You will find that most of them are top mount, but you can also get under mount sinks. The top mount version is called a drop-in or self-rimming sink. Undermounts are styled more like the usual kitchen sink and require the right style counter to place them with the correct support.


These sinks can be made from various grades of stainless steel and materials like bronze or copper. Cast-iron bar sinks are also available, but this is an uncommon choice. These sinks come in so many different materials due to the visibility of the sink and the styling that is often a part of creating a wet bar area. When looking at these kinds of sinks, you will find that stainless steel sinks are the best quality overall and are offered for the right price.

When looking at stainless steel sinks, ensure the steel grade is appropriate for a bar sink. You will want to aim for 16-gauge stainless steel, but 18-gauge steel can also work in most instances. The material difference is obvious when you hear something strike the sink. You can also open up your options by looking at granite composite sinks, which are beautiful and just as durable as stainless steel.


The counter space often determines the sink size you have access to. Make sure you know what size sink you are looking for so that you do not get sinks so small that they cannot be used for the intended purpose. Most of these sinks come in standard sizes that help make installation uniform.

Chica Bar Sink Series

The most popular sizes for Chica bar sinks are 15 x 15” or 15 x 17”. Our sinks are made to be durable and well-crafted, and they install easily. You can trust our crafting process to ensure that our sinks will not make much noise when used. Chica sinks also ship well and is not readily damaged in transit.

Granite Composite Sink

When you choose to get a granite composite sink from Chica Dragon, you will get one of the finest sinks you can buy. We create sinks that are made with 80% granite so that they are durable and do not scratch or dent. This is also a sink that comes with a durable, “sandy” finish that looks great and holds up well to daily use. These sinks are stylish and effective and offer an upscale look.

Stainless Steel Sink

Our stainless steel products at Chica are made to offer a superior design that ensures that your sink will not scratch, dent, or show imperfections with use. These sinks are scratch resistant as well as temperature resistant. You can also choose between various sink designs in the bar sink category to fit with the kinds of installation that you are looking to have sinks for.

PVD Sink

PVD sinks are innovative, and they come with a thin metal coating over stainless steel. This means you can get a sink with gold, copper, or a gunmetal black finish. These sinks are also highly durable and very attractive. This is a high-scale option that can add a little flair for a reasonable price. This in no way changes the function of the sink, and you will get a special product that is still durable, just like a regular stainless steel sink. PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, which is the process that makes this kind of finish popular.

Choosing a Bar Sink Can be Easy

Getting the right bar sink does not have to be a struggle. If you know more about your options, you can easily find the right sinks for your needs. Getting a quality bar sink is simple when you know what you need to look for. Bar sinks offer a means to create unique preparation spaces that look nice in a home and serve a very effective purpose. Without the right bar sink supplier on your side, it might be hard to find the sinks that you need. However, if you know what you are looking for, you can shop wisely when looking for bar sinks.

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Artemis Kuang

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