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A Checklist For Selecting a High-Quality Stainless Steel Sink

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Getting a high-quality sink is important. You will have much better luck with the sink you selected if it is made of the best materials and has the best design. You need to learn more about how sinks are made and what to look for. However, before you can reliably pick the correct sink for your needs, the more you know, the more effective your shopping will be.

There are various factors that you can use to track down the best quality sinks, and they are related to the gauge of the steel used to make them as well as the installation design and the soundproofing. Learning about these items can help you to make the most of your sink research and selection processes.

If you are ready to learn some more about the checklist that you should use when selecting a high-quality stainless steel sink, you need to keep reading.

Checklist for Selecting a High-Quality Stainless Steel Sink

1. Know the Grade and Sink Gauge of the Steel

The grade of the stainless steel the sink is made of can impact many variables related to its performance. If you are looking for a rust-proof sink, you will need grade 304 steel for your sink. The sink gauge represents the thickness of the metal it is made of, so for most kinds of sink use, gauge 16 or 18 will be more than enough.

sink gauge

The thicker the sink, the more specific the installation process and the heavier the item will be. You will want to consider the sink gauge no matter what kind of sink location you are shopping for. Kitchen, garage, and even bathroom sinks tend to use the same grade steel, so you will only need to look for the best materials when considering this factor.

2. Consider How the Sink Will be Installed

As mentioned before, the installation of the sink is one of the areas that can be most impacted when you select the wrong kind or wrong materials. The sink’s weight and the style of the support needed to make it work are important to your choice. Most sinks will be undermount, but there are also drop-in and farmhouse-style sinks.

You need to choose the sink installation style that best suits your needs, and the more you learn about the designs of these different sink types, the easier it will be to find the right sinks for your needs. A well-made sink can be made in various styles and hold up to daily use. The installation style might have more to do with the market that you are working with when you are sink shopping than the performance of the sink.

3. Look for Undercoating or Pads for Soundproofing

Many people are not aware that there should be undercoating and soundproofing in a sink. This is one of the sink parts that many people do not look at very often. The undercoatings and pads that are on the bottom of the sink will deaden the sound f running water and also things like silverware being washed in the sink. You will also find that these features help reduce condensation on the bottom of the sink, which can impact the cabinet that the sink is sitting within.

This is one of the most important parts of any well-made sink, and any quality sink will not be without these features. This is one of the best ways to pick between sinks since not every company takes the time to make their sinks with the proper undercoating and soundproofing.

4. Get a Back-Friendly Depth

The sink that you select needs to be comfortable to use. This means that you need to look for the right sink depth. The most common sink depth is six inches, but this sink will not hold enough for most kitchen needs. You probably want to look at a 9 or 10-inch sink. This will allow people using the sink to wash a lot of large items with ease and comfort.

The depth of the sink matters as well if you are looking at unique spaces. The use of the space can change the depth requirements for the sink that you select.

5. Drain Placement: Off-Center Or Center Design

The placement of the drain can impact the use of the sink in a big way. The drain placed off-center is usually a lot more favorable than other designs. This kind of sink drains well and is easy to care for. Center drains can drain well too, but they can easily be blocked by dishes and other items that are in the sink being washed.


6. Pay Attention to the After-Sales Service

Any good sink supplier will offer a warranty of 15 or more years. This helps prevent issues with quality and customer satisfaction over the long haul. Sinks need to be used every day and for tough jobs. You should not pick up a sink from a company that does not stand behind its products. You want to have the comfort of knowing that your sink can be replaced or changed out if something is not right.


Shopping with the right sink supplier is important. You need to know what to look for in a stainless-steel sink to get the right sink for your needs. The more you know about the process of looking into sink quality, the easier it will be to get the sink you have been trying to find. Well-educated shoppers always make much better decisions.

Chica Dragon makes quality sinks that you can count on. Seeing the various features of each sink helps make selection simple. Chica ensures you access the best quality sinks made of the right materials and with the right design notes.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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