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How to Choose a Bar Sink

How to Choose a Bar Sink

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A bar sink is an important part of any bar space. You need to be able to wash out glasses and shakers, and it reduces mess to be able to craft cocktails over a sink. Your kitchen might not be the best place to make drinks, and having access to a quality bar sink can make your work creating delicious drinks much easier and more enjoyable.

If you are building a bar area in your home, you might not be sure which kind of sink is the right one for your needs. There are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when you are planning your bar area, and the sink might be central to the entire project.

If you are ready to learn more about how to choose a bar sink, you need to read on!

What is a Bar Sink?

This kind of sink is also sometimes called a wet bar sink or a prep sink. This is a smaller sink than the average kitchen sink, and it is typically placed in a location that is set aside for drink making. You might have a small counter or a large area devoted to your bar, but typically the sink in this space will be a practical size.

These sinks are usually about 9 ½” to 18” at most and are commonly made of stainless steel. You can use other materials like granite composite for this kind of use as well, but there might be some adjustments that need to be made to your cabinets to support your granite composite sink.

Bar Sink Styles

There are various bar sink styles that you can choose from. The shape that you select might be determined by the size of the counter that you have to work with, or it could be motivated by your overall design plans for the area.


This is the least common option and might be used in a space with a very narrow countertop. This kind of sink offers the least amount of space for rinsing dishes and capturing spills, but it can be really elegant and seamless in some counter designs. This is the kind of shape that is most likely to be made from composite granite.


A common choice, these smaller sinks are made to give you access to a large area for drink prep while still giving you the depth that you need to clean up after shakers and other larger items. This is another really classy design that looks really nice when it is finished. This kind of sink could be made from stainless steel as well as composite granite, and you can explore some of your options related to this sink’s finishes. This can be the right choice if you have a small bar area with a short counter, and you want to preserve the counter space for your use.


This is the most common bar sink shape. It offers the most space to work on drinks and clean up, and it is an easy shape to mount on most counters. This kind of sink can be made from various materials but is most commonly made from stainless steel. If you have the room for this shape of the sink, you will probably have the best luck with its use for your bartending and clean-up needs. This is a very practical design and one that looks great in any bar area.

Installation Style

The choice of bar sink shape and design, as well as the material, can depend on the cabinetry and countertop type that you have in your bar area. You might have to consider some factors related to the weight of the sink and the style of the cabinet supports when you are choosing between different bar sink shapes and styles.

Drop-In Sink

This kind of sink is made to be installed from the top down and to be placed in a cut-out hole in the countertop. The material of your countertops might impact your choice to use this kind of sink, and heavier sinks like granite composite might need more support than the countertop can offer. This kind of sink installation is very common and works well with stainless steel sinks.

Undermount Sink

This kind of sink is more common in kitchen sinks. This kind of mounting style is done when a hole is cut into the countertop, and the sink sits on a shelf below it. You might need to use this style of installation for sinks that are heavier, like granite composite sinks. This is a really nice option to spare the finish of your counter and improve weight distribution.

Apron Sink

This is the least common sink style for this need, and you will be familiar with these sinks in the kitchen rather than the bar. These sinks are installed with only three sides connected to the counter and the front side open. The front face is usually decorative and meant to be displayed. This is usually not a factor that needs to be considered for bar sinks since the back of the counter is not going to be seen by those standing on the other side of the bar counter.

Apron front sink

Choosing the Right Bar Sink Can be Easy

When you are thinking about installing a wet bar in your home, you can usually feel confident that a square sink that is made of stainless steel will take care of all of your needs with ease. Stainless steel sinks are durable and easy to mount and can be used with nearly any style of countertop.

While beautiful and unique sinks can be added to your bar area, you might need to make sure that your countertops are the right style for this kind of sink. Granite composite sinks are durable and beautiful, but they will need some additional support that might not be offered in all bar areas. Make sure that you think about these details before you buy your bar sink.

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