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How To Choose A Quartz Composite Sink By Using A Simple Formula


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We mentioned the last time some of the false concepts about quartz composite sinks exist in the market. 

These misconceptions affect our judgment of a good sink and may influence our decisions.

I will explained how to choose the right quartz composite sink by using a simple fomula in this article.

Let’s get right to it!

What Is The Essential Factor That Affects The Quality?

Some of the factors include the sink’s hardness, whether the raw material is imported or not, and the quartz stone content. Moreover, the raw materials used in the sink are food-grade may falsely increase the price of the sink. 

These factors alone cannot judge the quality of a sink. However, there is one specific factor that can evaluate the quality of the sink. This factor is the density of the sink.

In this article, I will explain how to calculate the density of a sink quickly. If you’re wondering why you need to calculate the density, you should know that you can easily judge the manufacturing process of a sink according to the density it has. The density is a good measure of the overall quality of the sink.

A Simple Formula

There exists a mathematical formula to calculate the density of a sink. This formula is straightforward to use, and the factors in it are explained.


Net weight (g)/ length (cm)/ width (cm) = Density of the sink (square weight)

In this formula, the net weight of the sink needs to get from the manufacturer. Moreover, the length and width are also usually displayed on the packaging. You can take the values from there, plug them into the formula mentioned above, and you’ll get the density of the sink.

The information used needs to be precise on the packaging if you don’t want to get an incorrect value of the density. 

How To Interpret The Results Of The Calculation Of Density?

As we said earlier, you can use the sink’s density to judge the quality of the material involved. But what do these values mean? How much density is good for the sink?

Well, here’s how to interpret the results. The optimum density levels of the sinks are different depending on the type of sink. 

Single Bowl Sinks

If you’re considering buying a single bowl sink, calculate its density. If it comes out to be under 3, the sink is not worth buying. If the result is greater than 3, you can consider buying the sink. And if the result is greater than 4, it means the sink is of premium quality. 

Anything over 4 will be a solid density for your sink, and you can consider investing your money in the sink.

Double Bowl Sinks

For double bowl sinks, this threshold is raised a little bit. If the density is lower than 3.3, know that the sink isn’t good enough, and it is not worth buying. 

If the sink’s density is higher than 3.3, you can consider buying the sink. And if the density is higher than 4.3, it means the sink is of premium quality.

This is a good density that you can get for this type of sinks. You are sure not to regret anything over time if you invest in a sink with such a density.

How To Make Your Decision more Accurate?

Generally, the ratio of the expanded panel of the sink will not be very different from the unexpanded sinks. But we need a more accurate result by collecting details information about the sink.

You can ask for all detailed dimensions from the manufacturer if you don’t have a scale to measure their weight. Roughly mapping the sink’s dimensions may give you a good idea as to what the consequence would be.

You can measure different dimensions for more accuracy, including the bowl size and thickness of the sink, bowl depth, etc. This will give you a better judgment about the quality of the sink, and you will know how reliable the manufacturer is. 

A More Accurate Calculation Method

This is a more accurate calculation method, but it is complicated.


Net weight/ [ (Overall Length * Overall Width + (Height-Thickness * 2) * Inner Length * 2 + (Height-Thickness * 2) * Inner Width) *Thickness ] = cubic weight(weight per cubic meter of quartz composite sink)

The unit should be use in the formula:

Net weight: g

Leghht and Width, Height, Thickness: cm

Let’s take the Chica granite sink (CS4545) for an example.

The Net Weight is 9.7 Kg and the sink thickness is 1 cm., put the data into the formula:

9700/ [(45*45+(22-2)*39.5*2+(22-2)*39.5*2)*1 ]=1.87

Look at the results and compare the density of each process, you can find out more details in my last article about these process.

  • Low-Pressure Forming(Density is lower than 1.5g/cm3)
  • High-Temperature Casting Forming(Density 1.5-1.8g/cm3)
  • Vacuum High-Pressure Forming (Density 2-2.35g/cm3)

In this way, you can judge that the process makes this sink of High-Temperature Casting Forming.

 But many brands do not provide this data, and it is not easy to calculate, so we can use the first method to calculate the square weight only. 

Generally, the thickness of the quartz sink is 1 cm (some manufacturers will write it 12-13, this is because they add the thickness of the strainer, so this number represents the strainer’s thickness. After calculating the weights of the few brands you want to buy, don’t choose the one that is too far apart and lighter. If the weight is similar, you can select the one you like.


This result is not a formal test. It is just for buyers to use a simple method (a secret that cannot be told in a quartz composite sink) to judge the quality of a quartz composite sink.

But the premise that the data provided by the manufacturers is accurate as well.  Considering individual differences, the weight of each sink may be different, so the calculation results are for reference only.

Good luck!

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