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7 Tips to Choose a Granite Composite Sinks Supplier in China

granite composite sink

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Suppose you are a senior buyer or a company owner in the field of granite composite sinks, for some reason. In that case, you may choose a Chinese supplier. But finding the right suppliers in China can be a real headache. First of all, you need to distinguish the right granite sink and what else you need to notice. Here are seven tips to help you with:

1. The location of your supplier may of vital importance

Different regions in China that specialize in particular product categories. Generally, Guangdong province has all the products you want. But different cities have various unique products.

For example, Zhongshan City gathers many lighting manufacturers, and Dongguan or Shenzhen City gathers many Electronic industry manufacturers.

In the granite sink industry, Foshan (Shunde) and Jiangmen City gathers most granite sink manufacturers. You could visit one or two of these manufacturers when you are planning a sourcing trip to China.

2. Calculate the density of the sink

Maybe you will consider some factors such as hardness, the percentage of granite particles, whether the materials are food-grade. There is a vital factor that affects the quality o a granite composite sink-the density.

We can calculate the square weight using a simple formula and then judge the sink’s quality. I had written an article in detail on how to calculate the density. The high-density typically represents the good manufacturing process for a sink. Many people didn’t realize this important factor because some exaggerated manufacturers easily mislead them.

3. It must be through the hardness and heat resistant test

Fist of all, we could do a hardness test with a coin: while you scrape the surface of the sink with a coin, if an absorbent cloth could remove the scratches easily, we think that the sink is pass the test.

Usually, the supplier state that a granite sink could be heat-resistant to 200℃ at least. You can put a hot pot into it to test it. If you are at the site of visiting a factory, you can ask for an on-site experiment. They will use some hot water equipment to simulate a hot pot as a high-temperature test. If the sink looks no discoloration and deformation, that means it passed the test.

4. The best way to evaluate the supplier is to visit them. If you can not, ask for sample chips of the granite sinks.

Sample chips are small color blocks normally to display the color choice for the granite sink; you can imagine that it’s part of a sink. The material is very close to a whole sink, including the quartz sand and acrylic proportion. Therefore, you can do the test instead of an entire sink after you got them.

5. How to identify the right granite composite sink? In conclusion, two essential things you need to consider: The designs and the surface finished.

“Design is everything. Everything!” Said  Paul Rand, a famous designer in the US.

Different designs are suitable for different markets. For example, a simple and decent design is popular in the US market. Large single bowl and apron front series are the hot-selling in the US. At the other site, kitchen sinks with drainboard sell well in Australia or Europe.
A kitchen sink’s Design includes a style or some use habit by different people from different regions. It may concern some details of the sink, such as drawing, dimension, dept of the bowl, the hole’s position, the configuration of bowls, the radian of the angle inside, etc.

There are two surfaces finished in summary: a smooth surface and another relative roughly surface.

The former is with a silky-smooth texture, and the latter is slightly rough and feels like stone. What makes those different is using the different sizes of quartz sand particles. The smaller particle the manufacturer use, then the surface feels more smooth. Up to the sales report in our company, it shows that the rough surface is more popular. Commonly we use the quartz sand of 70-100 mesh (the unit of the particle).

6. Pay attention to the package

Although a granite sink is stone-hard, it will crack during transportation if a lack of appropriate package.

The safe package should use of honeycomb type carton and thick polystyrene foam inside to protect the sink.

Besides, it would help if you considered the packaging is fit for retail selling or online business. It’s no doubt that you don’t want to change the package after received goods from the manufacturer or wholesaler.

7. A strong suggestion is to find a Third Party to inspect all the sinks before you ship them out.

Does the quality control staff perform an internal final inspection of merchandise? Are they use international or other approved standards? Are written formal inspection reports properly filed and traced to review the quality of products?

Asking these kinds of questions helps you determine how diligently a factory is checking their final products. This way, they can ensure your orders ship as defect-free as possible.

Follow the above suggestions can help you avoid being cheated by some unethical suppliers. They deliver a low-quality product or even entirely different products to you. It will be substantial striking, especially when his business starts or a green entrepreneur.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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