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How To Choose The Size Of A Granite Composite Sink

How to Choose The Size of A Granite Composite Sink

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The first thing you should be considering when buying a granite composite sink is the sink’s quality. 

Good quality sinks have no after-sale issues. They can easily meet the requirements of the sink. 

Today I will talk about the design from its size.

Choosing The Right Size To Improve Space Utilization 

Many people ignore the design and ergonomics of the sink itself. 

At present, the mainstream size of a granite composite sink is from 600×450 mm to 860×500 mm. Similarly, the size of a double sink is generally more than 760×480 mm. The size design is popular among customers, and they prefer it over other dimensions.

These are the available sizes, but you need to judge how much cabinet space your kitchen has. Is it a small kitchen or is it large? Based on these factors, you might be able to make a better decision as to what size to go for.

How To Consider The Width Of The Sink?

People who know about cabinets and countertops should understand that a cabinets’ width is around 600-650 mm. In small kitchens, this value is even less than 580 mm. 

Based on this criteria, regardless of whether it is a stainless steel sink or a granite composite sink, you can only control the width within 500 mm. If you exceed this, the countertop will have too large a hole. This can reduce the strength of the countertop.

How To Consider The Length Of A Sink?

In my opinion, the length of a granite composite sink is not determined by us subjectively. I think it needs to select the size according to the kitchenware we use at home daily.

For example, the standard size of pots and pans is eight inches- twelve inches. The standard length of knives is 8 inches- 12 inches. 

This is the usual size of some of the kitchenware you use at home. So when you choose your sink, you need to pay some special attention to the small details. Such as the maximum lengths of the kitchenware that you use at home.

If you can make the largest kitchenware fit your kitchen sink, it is a reasonable size. So, make sure that when you buy your sink, you pay attention to these details.

How To Consider The Height Of The Sink?

Some major brands, such as Blanco, Shock, Carysil, etc., generally have a total height that ranges from 200 to 220 mm. This is what it says on the label of the sink. The actual depth of the working space is around 190 to 210 mm. 

This design mainly considers the cabinet of the sink and the overall height and uniformity of the lunching accessories.

Blanco also offers deep sinks. Blanco’s deep sink series generally have a depth between 240 mm and 250 mm. However, be careful when opting for this option, as sometimes mishaps can happen. 

For example, the strainer hole might be too close to the countertop, or the countertop’s cabinet might be too low. This will lead to insufficient space, and you will not be able to install the accessories.

In addition to this, if the depth of the sink is too shallow, you will face additional problems. There is a lot of water splashing in shallow sinks, and you’ll find yourself making your clothes wet every time you use the sink. 

A few sinks will have a depth of less than 160 mm. This may be insufficient, and you will only realize it after it’s too late that the sink is too shallow. The constant water splashing will significantly reduce the sink’s value in usage, and you will not be happy with your investment.

 Moreover, there is also a possibility of overflow. It will cause further reduced the water storage capacity of the sink. The sink will be able to hold even lesser water. In this case, it will become much more difficult to wash dishes with hot water in winters.

The Perfect Size Of A Granite Composite Sink

To sum it up, when buying a granite composite sink, you should keep the width lesser than 500 mm.

The height of the sink should be around 200 mm to 220 mm. 

For the length selection, you need to check the lengths of the kitchenware you’re using. The kitchenware you own is the main factor in determining the length you should go for when buying a granite composite sink.


Choosing the right size for your sink is integral when it comes to the functionality of your sink. Choose the wrong size and watch yourself regret it for the rest of the sink’s life.

This is all about the choice of size of the sink. I hope everyone found this helpful and can provide a reference when choosing a sink in the future.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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