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How to Import Granite Kitchen Sink from China

granite kitchen sinks

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A Matte Top-mount Quartz granite Kitchen sink on your countertop would be a joy to behold. Granite Kitchen Sink is the most demanded countertop in the industry. This fact is due to its durability and beauty.

One thing is getting the best quality granite kitchen sink. But the essential thing is importing it into your country.  China produces some of the best granite kitchen sinks.

Also, they’re among the top supplying countries in Asia and the world. Importing from china is simple with straightforward steps. This article explains how to import granite composite sinks from china.

How to Import Granite Composite Sinks from China

Here are some essential steps to take when importing granite kitchen sinks from china.

1. Ensure the Quality of the Material  

 Most buyers tend to get it wrong here. They tend to settle for the sink with the best picture on the supplier’s website.

Try and Identify the features of the Granite kitchen sink before Choosing. You probably know that the primary materials for granite sinks are acrylic and quartz sand. So, you should try and ensure that it is not toxic to our food.

You may even request for a certification test result to be sure of what you buy. Ensure that it satisfies either the Chinese National Standard and the US standard.

But, what’s the composition for a good granite composite sink? A standard granite sink contains 20% acrylic and 80% quartz sand.

2. Be sure of the Import Rights

It’s essential to know the import rights of your country to help fasten the process. It also helps to avoid any glitches. Check the shipping commission regulations of your Province for more information.

Also, ensure that the chosen kitchen sinks can come into your country. You don’t want to order sinks only for them to ban it at the docks.

3. Find a Trusted Supplier in China

Nothing boosts a business like partnering with the right supplier. So, try to weigh the options available before choosing a supplier for the sinks.

Check out the history and review of clients. Once many brands/clients test and trust their services, place an order from the client.

Also, ensure your supplier uses a professional shipping company. Ensure your package of the granite sinks in good crates, since they are very fragile during shipping.

4. Certify the Standard of the Components 

Importing low-grade materials of granite sinks may be detrimental to your business. Hence, always ensure you confirm the materials used in the production of the sink.

There’s no way you can compare a sink made with quartz sand or acrylic to one made with resin. Moreover, since the sink is the heart of the kitchen, try and get food grade quality.

Some components react with hot food or cooking ingredients. So, you should avoid any product that hasn’t passed the granite certification tests.  You may also carry out the test yourself to ensure the standard of the material.

5. Ask for the Necessary Tests and Experiment

Always ensure you ask for the test or do it yourself in the factory or depot. For the first test, which is the hardness test, we use a coin.

You should scrape the sink surface and then clean it with a moist fabric. Check if the scratches are still on the sink after cleaning.  

If there are no scratches, then you have yourself a quality sink. But if you see the dents, it means it failed the test.

Secondly, there is a heat resistant test. The normal heat-resistance range of a granite sink is 200oC. Hence, we test this claim by subjecting the granite sink to a hot water/ hot pot test.

You can use hot water if there is no pot in the factory. When you pour the hot water into check for discoloration or deformation. If there isn’t any, then the sink has passed the test.

But if there is any form of dent or crack, you may want to look for another supplier.

6. Examine the Design and Surface Finish


Paul Rand said, “Design is Everything.” He was a US fashion designer, but the saying applies to every facet of life, including granite sinks.

Some factors determine the design of a kitchen granite sink. They include drawing, dimension, depth, and configuration of the bowl. The style you should order depends on the preferences of your target customers.

 You may want to go for designs that are marketable in your region. For instance, the average American prefers a simple and large single bowl design. But, in Europe and Australia, they prefer kitchen sinks with drainboards.

Surface Finish

There are two types of surface finishes when it comes to kitchen granite sinks. They are the smooth and rough finish.

Smooth Surface Finish

This type comes with a silky-smooth texture. The feel is due to the use of fine particles of quartz sand in production. The smaller the manufacturing particles, the smoother the sink surface. Yet, this kind of finish is not as popular as the rough one according to our sales report.

Rough Surface Finish

This category of sinks feels very rough and stony on the surface. The quartz sand particles used in producing them are as large as 70-100 mesh in size. Besides, according to our company’s statistics, they are in prevalent demand.

7. Label and Package Your Products

Label your goods well when attaching the cost. It helps in calculating the total landed cost. Also, ensure that every product appears in the delivery manifest before approving payment.

Moreover, the packaging is another aspect you should pay attention to. This step is essential both during shipping and retailing. It’s also necessary to enable straightforward claims from the clearing dock.

Granite sinks are strong and durable. But it may sustain cracks if not packaged well before transportation. Some of the safest packing boxes include honeycomb cartons with polystyrene foam inside. It protects the sink from impacts.

More so, who likes the stress of unpacking and repacking? No one, I guess. So, it’s best to give attractive packaging at the factory. This pack is useful when making sales online or in stores. 

8. Check-Out your Delivery Schedule 

Ensure to keep tabs on your delivery schedule to clear out the goods from the dock immediately. This would help to prevent cases of loss and damage of equipment at the pier.

Employing a reputable logistics company for this process is also an excellent option.

Wrap Up

Importing granite kitchen sinks from China may not be as stressful as it looks on the surface. With a guide like this, one can always ship in their desired single or double granite kitchen sinks. The write-up also offers a good start point on how to import granite kitchen sinks from china.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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