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How To Select A Good Granite Composite Sink

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A granite composite sinks maybe a hot-selling product in your kitchen store. But do you know what a good granite composite sink looks like? How to select a good sink?

In this article, we won’t talk about the pros and cons of the granite composite sink. We will figure out how to select a good granite composite sink.

Let’s drive-in!

What is granite composite sink?

Not to be confused with solid granite, granite composite is engineered material is manufactured using a mix of granite stone dust and acrylic resins moulded into sink form. The result is a highly durable, low-maintenance, stone-like material that is much lighter than solid granite.

Composite base

A composite sink, as the name implies, contains a combination of materials. Generally speaking, the term is used to refer to materials that are a combination of acrylic resins and pulverized mineral content—usually quartz, granite, or both. Sometimes composite sinks are called “granite sinks,” but this is somewhat misleading since these are not honed as a solid piece from solid quarried granite. Instead, many so-called granite sinks are a composite of granite and quartz powder and acrylic resins moulded into a sink shape, sometimes integrated with the countertop. This type of composite sink may carry the label “granite,” “composite granite,” or “composite quartz,” depending on the manufacturer and the nature of the composite material.

The proportion of Raw Materials

As we all know the primary material of a granite composite sink is quartz sand and acrylic resins. Many brands state that the ratio of two materials ratio is 80:20. In general, granite composite sinks should contain at least 70% quartz sand.

A good granite composite sink does not only look at its quartz content. Schock, (an industry pioneer of granite composite sink) announced that their quartz sand content is 70-75%.

It doesn’t mean that the sinks with a higher content of quartz sand are certainly better. Other factors are affecting its quality, let’s find them out.

How to identify a good granite composite sink?

Food grade material

The kitchen sink is the heart of the kitchen. It will use for washing our food every day. So safety is the most important thing to be considered. If a manufacturer uses raw materials that do not reach food-grade, it must not be called a good sink.

As a buyer, you can ask for the rest report for the raw material from the manufacturer.


Generally speaking, we can observe with the naked eye that a good sink will have a smoother texture to touch, and good craft without any defects. 

And the design is essential. The unique design can bring you good sales.

Quality Test

You can verify its authenticity through the following small test.

Heat resistant test

We can do the heat resistant test for it. Usually, a granite composite sink can withstand 200℃. 

Hardness test

A real granite composite sink is three times harder than a solid stone. That’s true. So let the hardened steel hit the sink fiercely several times. A good sink can stand with it.

Anti-scratch test

Use a coin or whatever you have on your hand to scratch the sink surface. If an absorbent cloth could remove the scratches easily, we think that it passes the test.

Drainage test

A good sink must be able to drain well. Just put water in the sink and see how long it takes to drain the water.

Stains-remove test

You can pour the coffee or ketchup into the sink for a while, then use an absorbent cloth to clean. If the stain could be easily removed, we think that it passes the test. In this test, you’d better use a while sink to do the test if possible.

How is a granite composite sink made?

I have written an article to introduce the detailed production process. There is no doubt that moulds make all sinks on the market. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of moulds: steel mould and resin mould.

The difference between the two is that the cost of using steel moulds is higher, and the production capacity will be much higher.

But this does not mean that this resin mould can not make a good quality sink. The most important thing is the materials used, the engineer’s technology, and the formula.

Chica granite sink

Chica dragon is a small company in the sink industry; they use resins mould to produce granite composite sink.

The R&D manager of chica with over 20 years experience, their formula.was through 1283 times of repeated ratio testing, combined with vacuum negative pressure technology to solve the problems such as stain, porosity, cracking, colour difference, variegated, incomplete filling, uneven patterns during the production process.

Chic granite sinks have been exported to 13 countries, including Europe and America, Australia. They quickly marketed its broad range of products into three market segments: Global manufacturer, Home Improvement Retailer, Builders, and Distribution Companies. 


Now we know the so-called “granite sink”, “quartz sink”, “composite sink” is the same meaning of granite composite sink. Sometimes people also called it a” stone sink”. No matter what it is called, we can judge by its composition from this article.

Let’s discuss other issues about the granite composite sink next time. Welcome everyone to share with me about any interesting topic with this sink.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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