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Package Operation Of Granite Composite Sinks

Standard Package

Table of Contents

The packaging of the granite composite sink is crucial as it helps in eliminating damage during shipment.

It is essential that you pack the sink properly to ensure that it reaches the customer unharmed.

We follow several procedures for the packaging of our sinks, which are explained below.

Packaging Of Our Granite Composite Sinks

Our packaging strictly operates based on standard procedures. There is a lot of work to do before the sinks are packed in their boxes for shipping.

First of all our workers prepare the packing materials according to the quantities in the list. They are trained well in advance to know the packaging methods for this type of granite sinks.

Additionally, our workers will check if the granite sinks are wiped without water after the water testing. After that, they make sure that all the accessories are complete and place them inside the carton. With the sink also come the installation instructions and the cutout template. This is according to the model of the granite composite sinks.

After everything is prepared, our workers will place the sinks in the cartons. Extreme caution is essential so that no unnecessary damage is done to the sink.

The box is then sealed with sticky tapes.

After that, the model is ticked to the package, and it is sent to the warehouse to await shipment.

Standard Package

The standard package is the default packaging we use for our sinks. Normally one product in a carton is common way of package.

To provide additional cushioning inside the carton, the product is wrapped with specific materials. These include:

Packaging With Styrofoam

In this package, the product is wrapped with styrofoam so that the product sustains no damage at all. The foam is wrapped around the sink corners thoroughly and provides cushioning for the product. The carton offers some additional cushioning to keep the product safe.

The sink is protected from all around, and another layer of foam is packed with the carton’s walls. This makes for an overall safe package.

Packaging With Honeycomb Paper

Another option is that you get the product wrapped with honeycomb paper.

Honeycomb paper is an efficient cushion. You make it by joining bands of kraft paper. The craft paper is actually bound in a series of hexagonal cells.

The honeycomb paper used in our packages is 2.5 cm thick, which should provide your sink with enough cushioning. Rest assured that it will come to you unharmed!

Special Package

Another option that you can go for is the special package. The special package makes extra sure that you don’t receive your sink in less than perfect condition.

Honeycomb carton

The carton of this package is made with a honeycomb. It provides a good cushion for the sink. The outer layer of the carton is 2.5 cm thick honeycomb paper.

This does increase the cost of the packaging but makes it very safe during transportation.

The Inner Package

Surrounding the sink immediately is another layer of packaging. Expandable polyethylene covers are used to protect the sink from damage while shipping.

Expandable Polyethylene is fantastic for cushioning because it has good plasticity. Moreover, it is a strong material and has a relatively strong impact resistance as well. It is also environment friendly and provides your sink with the safety it needs.

Enclosing The Product With A Whole Styrofoam

This is another method of packaging, but it is relatively expensive. This is because styrofoam sleeves require a set of customized molds to come out.

This packaging is relatively uncommon due to the costs and because there would probably be a problem with the minimum order quantity.

Irregular Shaped Sink Packaging

For irregularly shaped sinks, such as drainboard sinks, we use a special type of packaging. We use injection styrofoam to protect such sinks.

The injection styrofoam can actually adjust and customize its position and size according to the different shapes of the sink. This means that it can mold itself into any form it wants. This makes it helpful for sinks that have protruding parts or odd designs.

This packaging method, however, increases transportation costs. These additional costs are worth it if you’re shipping an irregularly shaped sink.

The Ultimate Packaging

The standard packaging method is only suitable for shipping. If you want to transport the sink separately, for example by the express, we can give you an additional option.

You can additionally secure your package by adding a wooden case based on the standard package. This type of packaging is perfectly safe. One thing you need to keep in mind is that to ship wooden packaging materials by air; you need a fumigation certificate.

There is no doubt that this packaging is the most expensive, but you need to take these measures to transport the sink by courier and make sure it doesn’t undergo damage.


Generally speaking, the standard packaging is sufficient for shipping.

As this product is large and bulky in size, we use shipping by the sea the most. It is the most economical and safe option.

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