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How to Choose a Good Quality Granite Sink With Composition in Mind

granite composite sink

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Picking the right granite sink doesn’t have to be tough. If you know about the way that granite sinks are made, you will be able to make a really educated purchase each time you are looking for a sink. Choosing a good quality sink is easy when you are knowledgeable about the composition of the sink material.

 Sinks of various kinds can hold up to daily use, but granite composite sinks are some of the best sinks on the market. If you know what to look for in a granite composite sink, you will be sure to get the right sink for your needs every time. A few details make the purchasing of these sinks simple, and you can access this information from this guide.

If you are ready to learn more about choosing a good quality granite sink with composition in mind, you need to keep reading for more information.

The Main Components of a Granite Sink

The two main components of a granite sink are quartz sand and resin. These products are combined to make a durable and beautiful product that can be used to create sinks that look great and hold up to lots of use. Granite composite sinks offer the benefit of being colorful as well as highly effective at their job, and most of the benefits that these sinks convey are due to their composition.

Quartz Sand

This material is granite particles used to form about 80% of the sink material. Without the quartz sand added to the resin component of the sink, the sink would not be as durable and would also not be rigid enough to form a solid surface.

Quartz sand is a mineral that is extremely stable both physically and chemically. It is non-metallic and offers a hard and wear-resistant base for sink products. Quartz sand is made from natural ore that has been crushed, so it has much higher stability than glass. It also offers the benefit of coming in many unique colors, which is great for sinks.


The resin component of the sink is what provides the bonding within the sink material. The resin used is food grade and it imparts flexibility to the product, making the sink less prone to breakage and scratches. These resins can be used in all kinds of applications like windows, doors, walls, and aquariums, as well as sinks.

This material is often acrylic, but its real name is PMMA. In sink production, it is used as the clear, hard bonding agent that makes the quartz sand into a sink. This is a tough material that enhances the toughness of the quartz. The resin is also much more temperature resistant than the quartz would be on its own.

How to Choose the Best Quality Granite Composite Sink

Choosing the best quality sink is essential to make sure that you get good results from the product. Granite composite materials are highly durable and they are also beautiful, which can make them a great choice for all kinds of uses. Kitchens, garages, and bathrooms can all benefit from the addition of a sink made from granite composite because these products are so durable and well-made.

You will want to look for the following details when you are considering a granite composite sink:

Best Material Composition Proportion

The ideal proportion of quartz sand to resin is 80:20. This composition ratio provides the right amount of durability and hardness to the quartz sand that is needed to form a sink product. The beauty of the quartz sand adds to the sink’s appearance and provides stability and durability to the resin.

The ratio of 80:20 creates the right blend to provide the maximum benefit from each of the materials that make up these sinks.

Single 9-1/2 Bowl Depth Dual-mount Granite Sink
Chica granite sink

Heat Resistant

You will always want to be sure that the sink products you are looking at are heat resistant. The composite material is heat-resistant, which means that picking a granite sink based on this composition is a great bet for this goal. The finished product is made by mixing the two ingredients and then baking them at a high temperature. There are many sink materials on the market, but most of them are not heat resistant in any meaningful way. The 80:20 ratio of quartz sand to resin will ensure a sink that is heat resistant as well as nice to look at.

Non-Color Fading

A sink needs to hold up to daily use and exposure to cleaning products and chemicals of various kinds. If you do not get a quality sink made of the right materials, color fading and other kinds of color damage can be the outcome. No one wants a sink that shows spots or blemishes when it has been exposed to daily use or cleaning products. This is an important benefit of a granite composition sink and critical to selecting the right sink.

High Density

You can check the density of the sink that you are looking at by checking the construction of the sink and making sure that it weighs enough to be made of quality materials. Hardness tests can also be done to ensure that the sink will hold up to daily use with ease. There are various ways to test the density of the sink in question to ensure that it will handle daily use without complaint. The sink is made from granite composite is a good argument for its high-density nature, but verifying the hardness and weight can help ensure that you get the durable sink you were hoping for.

Chica Granite Composite Sinks Are of the Best Quality

If you have been looking for a granite composite sink but are not sure what to look for, Chica granite composite sinks are the best in the business. You will be able to confirm all of the details that have been listed in this guide with ease when you work with Chica granite composite sinks. Knowing what to look for when selecting granite sinks is easy when choosing Chica.

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Artemis Kuang

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