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The difference between quartz countertop and quartz sink

The difference between quartz countertop and quartz sink

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As we all know, both quartz countertops and quartz sinks are made of artificial stone. It’s an engineered stone mixed with resin. Although the primary raw materials are the same, there are still significant differences between them.
Here are the main difference between these two products:

Different appearance

Quartz stone countertops have a variety of different patterns, which look like natural stone.
The quartz stone sink has a uniform look, almost in a consistent color, while the light-color serious have a stone-like appearance, such as white and gray color.

The difference in the production process

Because the quartz stone countertop is a flat plate, and the sink needs to make different molds according to different shapes, it leads to the different making process of these two products.
As the quartz stone countertop is a regular plane, the manufacturing process is relatively simple. At the same time, the sink will become much more complicated due to the different shapes.
Quartz stone countertops are pressed by high-frequency vacuum equipment and then cut according to different sizes. It needs to polish the surface after cutting.
On the other hand, the materials of quartz sinks are pre-mixed and poured into the mold; a sink comes out directly from the mold.

Different resin content

Generally, the quartz stone content of quartz stone countertops must reach more than 90%, and the higher the content of quartz stone, the better the quality is.
The resin content of the quartz stone sink only needs to reach more than 70%. If the content of quartz stone is too high, it will cause a crack in the sink.
Its density determines the quality of a quartz stone sink, and this is related to its molding process.

Differences in other materials

Quartz stone countertops have some natural stone-like particles. This is because of the addition of glass particles. Glass particles are no needed in making the sink.


With the increasing application of artificial quartz stone, quartz stone countertops and quartz sinks have become popular commodities. But many people didn’t know that there are so many differences between them.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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