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The Most Popular Color Option For Granite Sink

The Most Popular Color Option For Granite Sink

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Fabulous Granite Sink Colors: Styles For Every Kitchen

 In addition to its durability,  the granite sink has a significant advantage: the various color options.

The color of the granite sink is as important as factors like size, materials, and design. An inappropriate sink color can have a profoundly detrimental effect on the outcome of your renovation project.

 Each color has a unique personality and works well with specific design elements. In this article, we will introduce several different color options for the granite sink.

Granite Sink Colors

To meet the needs of different customers, you need to prepare various color options in your showroom. At the same time, you also need to consider which colors are currently the most popular to facilitate inventory.

Made of artificially dyed quartz stone material, the granite sink can be any color that the manufacturer chooses—the most common colors of the granite sinks with black, grey, brown, and white.

 1. Black

Black granite sinks tend to appear inherently modern, and they are easier to keep clean than white sinks. So black granite sink is definitely the hot-selling product.

Black color is also fit for a light tones kitchen; a black granite sink in a central position can double as a focal point. In combination with white flooring, cabinets, and walls, a black sink can establish a visually pleasing contrast, too.

In addition to being dirt-resistant, the black sink can also highlight the characteristics of the stone and make the quartz sink looks elegant.

2. Gray

Grey granite sinks can give the kitchen a fresh, contemporary look, especially paired with white or black features, industrial design styles, or marble surfaces. A grey sink is also a good option for kitchens with wood features or earthy tones and textures.

Grey sinks are a good choice in combination with a bright color, like orange, without worrying that the kitchen will look gaudy. Another benefit of a grey granite sink is that it complements the tones of modern kitchen appliances.

3. Brown

A brown granite sink is an excellent option. Brown color adds an element of authenticity to the kitchen and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Brown sinks are suitable for traditional-style kitchens, but they can work in modern settings, as well.

Brown granite sinks pair well with wooden surfaces and earthy textures. Some designers combine brown granite sinks with ambient lighting for added visual appeal.

4. White

The white granite sink is another hot-selling item. For white sinks are timeless, and they suit almost every kitchen design style out there.

What’s more, white goes with anything. For example, white color can go with the cabinets, walls, or flooring that is a little crazy. A white sink is an ideal way to even the tone out a bit.

A white granite sink with sandy looks inherently modern. White is also ideal if you don’t regard the sink as a visual design component but merely a functional one.


Granite sinks are appreciable additions to the kitchen, and the color of the granite sink you can offer make a significant improvement to the selling point of your business.

Chica Dragon is a professional manufacturer of granite composite sinks; they offer various color options. The granite sink is made of 80% quartz sand and 20% resin.

Up to now, Chica’s granite sink is sold well to the North American and Austrian markets.

Artemis Kuang

Artemis Kuang

I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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