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A Guide to the Stepped Sink

stainless steel sink

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Single bowl or double bowl? This question remains paramount when we restore the kitchen. On the one hand, we want a vast cleaning space, which can be filled with all dishes, it can hold a large pot and pan; On the other hand, we would like to have a space for cleaning dishes when we want to wash the fruits and vegetables at the same time without a mesh. That comes out a solution: the stepped sink!
In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the stepped sink.

What is a stepped sink?

The stepped sink can be seen as an intermediate between the two. There are no partitions in the areas on both sides, but the depth is divided by one high and one low ladder. The overall view is still a large single bowl sink, and it has the features of a double bowl sink—the effect of partitions

Benefits of the stepped sink

Easy to store food

We can see the higher step of the sink. It’s a workstation for storing food. When we prepared food before cooking.

Here are the examples:

  • We can put the frozen meat on a higher-level workbench and let it wait to melt. At the same time, we can wash other vegetables.
  • We can put the washed vegetables here to drain. Generally, the higher step is not level. Some are designed with a slight slope with an angle of less than 1° to facilitate water flow into the sink.
  • It is very convenient to place dishes here. Whether the unwashed dishes or things that need to be sorted, they can be placed in this area to be separated from other things.

Easily washes big pots and pans

Although there are partitions, this sink is still a whole, and there is no problem with washing large pots and pans. The general double bowl sink has a divider, so the pan is stuck and cannot be put in. The large sink area of the stepped sink can accommodate the main body of the pot, and the small countertop area accommodates the panhandle, so cleaning the large pots and pans can become effortless.

More hygienic

Because of the work area, food placement becomes more hygienic. Generally, if we use a single-bowl sink, food can only be placed on the countertop, which increases the possibility of bacterial infection.

Chica dragon stepped sink

Chica dragon offers two materials of the stepped sink. The stainless steel sink and granite composite sink.
Stainless steel use 304-grade material; you can customize the thickness of 16 or 18 Gauge, each sink has an anti-condensation coating.
For the granite composite sink, chica adopts the high-temperature casting forming process, made of 80% quartz sand and 20% resin.



    A stepped sink combines all the advantages of a single bowl and a double bowl, so next time if your customer is still hesitating on which to choose, a single bowl or a double bowl, you can recommend this stepped sink to him.

    Artemis Kuang

    Artemis Kuang

    I am a product specialist in granite composite sinks (quartz sinks) at I have been in this industry for over 8 years.

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